Thursday, December 1, 2011

Waerebo Hamlet, Best Ecotourism in Indonesia

With more than 100 ethnics and dozens of languages ​​spread across thousands of islands, you can easily get a variety of unique things in Indonesia. One of them certainly is Waerebo, a remote hamlet which is still preserving its culture.

Waerebo hamlet is part of Satar Lenda village, District of West Satarmese, Manggarai District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Weather was quite cold at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. Waerebo hamlet surrounded by mountains, dense forests, and away from the neighboring villages. Hamlet Waerebo confirmed by Enclave since the Dutch colonial period.

Communities in Waerebo live surrounded by woods. Their house is very unique because a cone-shaped, made of straw, and only have one door whose height is lower than normal house. People thought that the eastern region is identical to the coast. With the Waerebo, you will be aware that the eastern part of Indonesia is also rich in natural forests.

To et there, travellers must traverse the forest area which is still preserved. Chirping of birds also accompany thevisitor steps as if they welcomed visitors arrival.

Waerebo custom homes known as "Mbaru Niang" (house-shaped circular cone).Mbaru niang consists of 5 levels and each level has its own function. The first level is "Lutur" (tent) which will be occupied by the community. The second level is the "Lobo" (attic) that hold food and other goods. The third level is "Lentar" to save seeds such as corn, rice and beans, etc.. The fourth level is"Lempa Rae" as a reserve food stocks. Food reserves are used when there is crop failure or prolonged drought. The fifth level is the "Hekang Code" is used to store langkar (in the form of a square-shaped woven from bamboo to store offerings forancestors).

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