Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Law expert who play politics too

He is indonesian law expert,  a professor. Yusril ihza mahendra, who give advice to renegotiate regulation about our election regulation. But seem that this expert not playing fair. His advice will not make the problem going better. I believe he on appotition side.

SBY and Future of Indonesian Democracy

As i told you before,  Our president let the indirect election regulation promulgated by the congress. This mean every citizen can't vote anymore for their fav local leader.

As times goes by,  mr president seem to regret his choice, but we don't believe him. He could do better for the first place, and his regret is just by saying. There's nothing he can do to cancel his decicion1. It's already became regulation,  and only next president with congress approval can cancel this regulation

Friday, September 26, 2014

RIP Indonesian Democracy

We lost our right to vote for our own leader. Mayor, governoor..  RIP indonesian democracy. Our own parliament betrayed us. Taking our right innocently..  They think we are stupid,  so they want us to be silent. Damned!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Learn irresponsible democratic behaviour from Indonesia

Probably,  Indonesia is the most democratic country. People can say anything, true or not,  and then another giving their oppinion on that, judging it's validity. Black campaign is usual, but there are many people who always try to reveal the truth. We came in the day that difference is beautiful. Nothing wrong about that. I choose this you choose that. Okay, no big deal.

Non moslem leader in Indonesia

Ahok, Basuki tjahaya purnama nickname for upcoming governoor of jakarta being a controversy because of his religion. An islamic front called FPI demonstrated yesterday in front of parlement office againts ahok. This event not covered well by local news caused by another important event. Final judgement for ex democrat party leader who sued for being corrupt held in the same day.

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