Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kerupuk, Traditional Snack From Indonesia

There're many kinds of kerupuk, but most of them are crispy and light. They are friend of rice for quick breakfast or lunch. Some thinking that without kerupuk, their lunch isn't complete. 

Roma Kelapa, Legendary Indonesian Coconut Cookies

Roma kelapa have been exist for years and still leading in its genre. Maybe almost all indonesian people ever enjoy it's taste. There are many coconut cookies but when it's come to taste, distribution, and well known..  Roma kelapa still leading. 

Ahok and Indonesian Democracy

Indonesia is dominated by moslem, and Jakarta is our capital city. Ahok that isn't moslem was a governoor,but it happened after Jokowi elected as Presiden so as vice governoor Ahok directly replace Jokowi to take in charge.

Now is different situation that he is candidate of Jakarta's governoor, compete with 2 other candidates which are moslem. It will be so obvious what kind of attack will happen to him. Religion.Yes, that will be easy to predict. Local governoor election spread away to all country because its important and interesting.

All of you should keep in touch with news related to this election since it might be a historical eviden how democratic Indonesian people is.

Friday, December 23, 2016

What Is Om Telolet Om

Telolet is sound of bus and truck horn in indonesia. Kids like the sound and loud out loud when they appear passing by in front of those kids. They said om telolet om which mean, uncle, telolet uncle..  a request to bus driver to push his horn button. That's so fun for kids to hear the sound

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Young mom challenge #mahmudchallenge

Young mom chalange is photo competition comparing their daily life with their kid and their look when using make up. Look so different indeed. You'll amaze with the differences. 

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