Friday, December 5, 2014

Aburizal bakrie and his obligation to Lapindo victims

Not long after elected as Golkar leader once again, Aburizal bakrie long unresolve problem about Lapindo mud rise again. His debt about 1,4 Trillion rupiah need to get paid to Lapindo victims  as soon as possible. Goverment force this. While his share at his company downfall, and his debt 44 trillion unpaid (yet) his expense to be Golkar leader is just weird..  couse Golkar in his lead became opposition, first in 50th years. What will gone be then..

Meet Whale shark at Papua

Rhincodon typus, aka whale shark is the biggest shark in the earth. Big - 14m long-but friendly because they only eat small fish. Kwantisore Village at Paradise Bay, Papua is the location of the whale shark conservation. A traveler can find even swim with the giant fish

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Indonesian goverment reject Hamas representative office Indonesis

Eventhough DPR not prohibit hamas to have representative office indonesia, but goverment reject it. There's already palestinian ambassador, and that is enough. No party member of palestinian allowed their own representative, like any other country in this earth.

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