Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tawangmangu and A Thousand Waterfall

As i promised few weeks ago, now i'll write about Tawangmangu, little highlands town which has many interesting places to visit.

If you know Jogjakarta, Tawangmangu is located just about 120 km to the east. Oh, i forgot. In google map ages, writing about location become an old-fashioned isn't it? Just point your gmap down to central java and you'll see the location easily.

Deeper to this town, Tawangmangu has interesting place called "grojokan sewu", mean a thousand waterfall. The waterfall it self just one and about 81 meters in height. I don't know why it called thousand, probably it measured in decimeters.

In there, you can relax and watch nice waterfall, crowd, food, .. and yeah.., specialy food. Rabbit satay is the most interesting. Cheap and delicious. Below $1 of course, you know Indonesia. If you like horse riding, it's also available. I don't remember the price, but 15 years ago i pay below $1.., oh, more.. about $3. Rp 2000 = $1 back then, today 1$=Rp 10000,.. thats why we love your dollar. Oh, well, speaking about age, 15 years ago i was really nice kid, everybody loves me ^_^. Oh shit, i'm growing old so fast.

Ok, if you like to know more about Tawangmangu, just googling, dude. Don't stuck on this site, LOL. Searching flickr also help for further investigation (sound like detective.., sorry my vocab suck). Btw i post this on thursday not friday. I hope you know me better then, .. i can't keep my own vow, LOL. Just kidding. Happy blogging.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday With No Article

Already Friday, and i have no article to publish yet. Too busy lately, beside, i have posted an article earlier this week, about batik. I dont think that this blog have loyal visitors. But if it is, i have to apologize, i absent today.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Batik, Originally, Genuine from Pekalongan, Indonesia

Batik is genuine word related to cloth painting from Pekalongan, Indonesia. Pekalongan is the first town, which is produce both the word and the painting cloth i mention above. The cloth is painted using some wax called 'malam', manually. For some patterns, the price is so expensive because of the painting duration. From hundred of years, this cultural heritage remain and the product used even in daily activity till now. I have to say it clearly cause you now,.. some country can be so greedy, and we don't like any other country claim what they don't belong.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Candi Sukuh : A Sex Temple

It's build almost a milenium ago. This unusual temple was located at village of Berjo, some fifty kilometres east of Solo, Central Java. I have visited that temple many times since my house is just about 30 km from there. This temple is small but unique. Many statues describes men and women genital explicitly. Just like david sculpture from vatican, but this built from black stone, river black stone which found easily surround that area.

The founder of Candi Sukuh thought that the slope of Mount Lawu is a sacred place for worshiping the ancestors, nature spirits and the observance of the fertility cults.

Yeah,.. you propably think there are any real erotic turism or somekind. But regretfully not ^_^, even hotel are available there if you wanna stay for days enjoying some nice view of Lawu.

Well. This is a place, .. and not far from there-about 30km- Tawangmangu is waiting. Nice tourism town which has many interesting places to visit. Grojogan sewu is the most people know abaut Tawangmangu. I 'll write about that next week. Just keep surfing...
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