Friday, June 26, 2009

President Candidates Debate Part 2

Last night, president candidates debate held on TV at 7 PM. The conslusion is : lil bit better than the first. SBY and JK, the two candidates tease one another. Throwed by JK mostly, SBY just defend and sometimes strikes back. Mega? Even the moderator ignore her. Its funny when 2 candidas get their time to answer, and mega -i dont know why- left behind ignored by the moderator.

JK, as usual, funny and relax. SBY still on his charisma. And mega, no changes. Her point still confusing, or probably it intentionally to drive audien run out of topic. I don't know.

Any opinion about this? Please share..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kebaya Pictures Collection

I try fishing on google image search to grab you. Am i succeed? You tell me..^_^

Friday, June 19, 2009

Indonesian President Candidates Debate

If you think Indonesian President candidates debate similiar with american debate, you make a mistake. Last night, 3 candidates debating on TV. And what is on my mind is so clear. That was not a debate. There are no difference oppinions which drive to hot conversation. Just a me too debate. Lil' bit boring. Or a peace is identical with boring? Just answer your self.

Indonesian Girl : Bathe in Public

Take a bath after all day long working on farm is not always a home ritual. Bathe in public is not unusual event here. Rivers maybe some of popular option, like this indonesian girl did..., oh, its not nude in public stuff of course..LOL

Wanna Join her? Come and visit us...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Candi Jogja and Prewedding Pic

Meneer, nickname of talented photografer from Jogja, have made nice pre wedding pic using candi as a background. Some touch made all of those pic look so artistic. Well done. If you all come to Indonesia, bring your best camera. Don't let all memory go away.

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