Monday, January 26, 2009

Asmirandah : Lovely Indonesian Girl

AsmirandahThere's no business like showbusiness, ..LOL., thats classic. In indonesia, the hotest competition recently is telecomunicatin business, so lets talk about that. With eleven operators, this business turn in to real competition. Naturally, high barrier business will turn it in to monopoly practice, but indonesian Telecomunication is an exception.

AsmirandahTelecomunication advertisement showed everywhere. Poster, billboard, and many more. From all, i like the Indosat adv very much, not because its so creative or what. Just because it endorser. Her name is Asmirandah. Many times i almost got accident while driving coused by her big photo on billboard or baliho. Feel that i loss something if not seeing that adv... Beauty can be dangerous, though..., curious about Asmirandah?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm back

After a while leaving blogging activities, now i'm back here start all over again to serve you. For past few years, i did'n have much time on blogging. I had to focus on my job rather than writing. Now, beside i have time, indonesian internet connection getting better and better. And lot cheaper than before also. So, here i'm...

Ok then. To be more focus, may i ask you something?
Which one more interested?
1. Indonesian girls
2. Events
3. Landscape photos
4. Others? please give me clues

But,..1st of all, i need to remove some comments. God damned,..spam everywhere..
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