Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Start a Business in Bali By Michael Henry

Today, I read an Indonesian news site giving an information that Bali on the south area, like kuta, nusa dua, and such has high land price already. The property developer than move their interest on other area which is still has lower price rather than the south part of Bali. Since i don't really know about Bali, than I start looking some sight from Internet and finding this book. How to start a business in Bali By Michael Henry. a Foreigner that now living in Bali and operating his own business.

How to start a business in Bali

Book that cover information about Bali business, or as the title, how to start a business in Bali. A guide for you who interested on build a business. Here is a short info about this book :

It can be difficult enough starting a successful business in your own country, let alone in a foreign country like Indonesia. The dream of running your own guesthouse or restaurant by the beach on a tropical island like Bali, doesn't stop people wanting to give it a try. This guide on how to start a business in Bali was written to help guide people through the ropes of setting up a company and establishing a successful business. The book goes beyond the author's experience by including interviews with successful expat entrepreneurs who have a combined experience of over 80 years in Indonesia. The advice is practical and to the point. While the guide focuses on Bali, the information could also be applied to other locations in Indonesia as well.

Ok, then here is some testimony about this book :

5Informative, Well Researched, and Highly Recommended 
By Cheryl Bradshaw 

I took a cruise a couple years ago, and one of the stops was Jamaica. Of course the cruise director wanted me to book my excursions through them, but my husband knew better. He said we should find someone who knew the island, lived there, grew up there and let that person be our guide for the day. We did just that, and while others waited in these long lines in a big huge group of people, we had ourselves a private tour and whizzed by everyone on the "group" tour, (and I tried my best not to wave or smile too much--it was hard, believe me). So what does my story have to do with How to Start a Business in Bali? Everything. 

Mike Henry is an expert on all things Bali. He's lived it, breathed it, learned about it--and now he shares his wealth of knowledge and information with you. The book is straightforward, easy to understand, and answers all the questions you possibly have or will have. He knows what you need to know and provides it in this well-written book on Bali. He even takes it a step further and offers interviews from others so you can learn about their experiences. 

It's an excellent read, and if you are looking to move to Bali, visit Bali, start a business in Bali, or breathe in some of that fresh Bali air, this book is for you! 

Cheryl Bradshaw 

OK, thats it. I have business here in Indonesia, but for you who aren't Indonesian citizen, Henry's perspective probably rather make sense to you. 

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