Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moramo Waterfall, South East Sulawesi

Cool, peaceful and wonderful, that’s the first impression in the area of this waterfall. From an altitude of 100 feet waterfall is flowing through the seven main levels, thus including the category storey waterfall (cascade), which was beautiful. In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small levels that looked like a small pool of water that flows resting place is. and at the last level is a perfect place for bathing with the sound lacks the rush of waterfalls, plus a shouted birds chirp and chime with dancing butterflies various colors.

Waterfall Moramo’s name implies, this waterfall has a height of about 100 meters from sea level, Region Waterfall Moramo 65 Kilometers away from Kendari, located in South Konawe Southeast Sulawesi, precisely in the village of Sari sources, which included into the Cape Nature Reserve Area Peropa Konawe South, Moramo waterfall can be reached by land vehicles or directly from the airport to the village Monginsidi Source Sari and proceed on foot along the 2 KM.

Tourism area has been equipped cottage pasilitas them inside the waterfall area to unwind.To be able to get to the first level you have to go through a stratified rock stairs that seemed to be very clear water flowed, Ebing-marble cliffs are not slippery though always exposed to splashing waterfalls, because the water contains sulfur and alkali which causes the moss is difficult to grow.
there you can see the most amazing natural charm that is when the sunlight reflected from the marble stones that emit light which is dominated rainbow color bluish green light, that seemed to dance between the foaming water. In the area of this waterfall, there is a natural richness of natural stone in the form of a very large marble and is one of the sources of the world’s largest marble reserves

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