Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo

are scored by messi.

Today, i'll write about two candidate for Best football player of the year. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. News about Indonesia lil bit uninteresting nowadays, so i'll talk about my fav sport. Football aka soccer. My review here base on my own oppinion after seeing a lot of match related to Messi and CR9 on TV.

Lionel Messi
Looking how small he is, what he reach till now is just amazing. He will be a legend for sure. Lionel Messi having unique dribbling skill that make him able to escape from opponent defenders with small effort without losing speed. He can move the ball's direction slightly before the opponent touch it. So close that the opponent not have time to reverse his move, and Messi just pass through without decrease in speed to beat another opponent. If you see it on TV, that is how Messi pass one, two or three opponent. No special trick, no other additional dribble skills to entertain viewer. Just effective dribbling and passing. He knows how to create goal and knows how to assist his team on making goals.

Christiano Ronaldo
He is an entertainer. He usually create special movement, interesting trick, and such to entertaint his fans. But actually, the most dangeraus C. ronaldo have to beat his opponent is his running speed. He run very fast. Against low quality team, C ronaldo is a monster and able to create many goals, but against good teams, his ability is not help much. His speed decreases much when a good defender standing on his way. In every league, there are many not so good team, that is why player like C ronaldo having high possibilities on placing himself as top scorer.

So, if i have to decide which one is better, Messi is the guy.

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