Monday, December 19, 2011

Punk Shaved Bald in Aceh Violate Human Rights. Right?

Punks who shaved bald in Aceh triggered protests everywhere. Solidarity with fellow punks apparently quite high. Even the Indonesian embassy in Russia affected by vandalism act from punks because of the incident in Aceh.

Punk culture is not the native culture of this country. Appearance and punk lifestyle is very different from the people of Indonesia in general, even the world community i guess. It is the right of every human being to do anything with theirself, but there are other rights which are also important. Democracy, rights of community that makes the rights of individuals to be marginalized. I am entitled to wear pants upon my head, but if the entire population of the town where I live do not like it, they can isolate, even throw me out of town. Like it or not, that's reality. If you dealing with community, democracy, there is only like or dislike involved.

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