Friday, December 16, 2011

No More Punk and Mohawk Hairstyle in Aceh

You'll never see punk with mohawk hairstyle no more in Aceh. Indonesia. They all became hairless like baby born :p. What they were look like in western country perspective is just a style, nothing more nothing less. But in Aceh, they have their own law and regulation to prevent people look and behave like any punk we know. So, when punk guys came to Aceh to attend music performance, they got captured by police and what happened next was like pictures below :

History Style (in Aceh)

Western people may say that this is against human right, but human right can be different in some area. Some kids in Aceh probably will scream, cry, and running like crazy just by looking at these guys...LOL. Oh, the worst scenario,.. some kids can be running to hight traffic road and hit by truck! Who knows? That's (probably) why this style is dangerous and must be prohibited in that area.

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