Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indonesian Ghost vs Security Guy

I don't know this story is a tragedy or comedy. Just because i'm not the ghost in this story, so i decide that this is a comedy.

This happen in an appartment on Bandung, West Jawa, a pretty chick around twenty was dressing like famous ghost "Suster Ngesot" to make a surprise for her friend on her birthday. She was waiting her friend outside the lift at 22th floor, and the target (her friend) was on the way up from 17th floor. This ghost intend to make her friend scream like hell. When the lift's door open at 22th floor, suddenly a security guy with no mercy kick the ghost straigh on the face and made her flew high .. to hospital.

Fail plan, she got headache plus broken teeth. She never though about brave security guy in the lift that never afraid of any ghost :p.

Next time, if she plan to do this on 2nd try, she must be wearing a helmet. (suster ngesot + helmet=??)

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