Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Indonesian Rupiah Will Loose 3 Zeros

Central Bank of Indonesia has been working on it. Design the process so the transformation of rupiah running smoothly and finish about 10 years from today. Central bank will remove the zeros on Indonesian money. From Rp 1000 become Rp 1. From US$1=Rp 8800 to US$1=Rp 8.80

This renumeration is caused by many factors, some i can explain, some don't. Benefits of this decision are many, here are the examples :

1. Make Indonesian Rupiah Valuable
Too many zeros based on today produce some ridiculous acts, and that is embarrassing. This are for example

Indonesian Hero turn to be US hero. That is unbelievable. Today, Rp 1000 is equal with few cent dollar, and for that value, bird or orangutan photo is more appropriate. Coin is much better.

2. Reducing the Time Consume of Making Balance Sheet Reports
Using excel, we force to write 3 useless zeros, and the printer than print a lot of zeros in lot of papers that waste tint and time.

3. Many others
It's your turn. Drop some comments to make this post more useful :)

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