Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best 6 Diving Locations in Indonesia with Score

From National Geographic Traveler Indonesia, i got this information. They are local traveler, have seen all the locations, and of course know what they are talking about. So i think, their information is valid.

1. Papua: Raja Ampat Islands (SCORE: 4.23)
Respondents gave the highest value for the diversity and beauty (4.81) as well as the sustainability of the location. Well be the dream of the divers who have neverbeen there (36%). "Life under the sea has not been disturbed and I would hope so forth. The exact location to enjoy the fish and coral reefs are also various relics fromWorld War II, "said Daniel Abimanju Carnadie, Jakarta.

2. East Nusa Tenggara: Komodo, Rinca (SCORE: 4.23)
Chosen because high-value challenge and difficulty to arrive at the under water location(4.42) and ranked second after the Raja Ampat on sustainability of the location of (4.24). "Location is complete, with a diversity of coral reefs andmarine life combined with a strong current is a challenge," said Dawn Anshori, Jakarta.

3. North Sulawesi: Lembeh Strait, Bitung (SCORE: 4.19)
The highest value obtained for the sector of satisfaction than meets the cost or costvalue (4.52). Followed by a service operator satisfying (4.09). "Many strange biotas are rare in other places," said Ria Lubis Qorina, Jakarta.

4. North Sulawesi: Bunaken Island, Manado (SCORE: 4.14)
Ease to get to this location makes it selected as one of the best dive sites (4.09).Including a top ranking for a list of locations many divers want to visit (13%). "Diversity is so rich in marine dwellers. It's beauty is no doubt, "said Syamsir M. Saputra,South Kalimantan.

5. Bali: Tulamben (SCORE: 4.05)
Ranked top for services operator (4.12) and ease to the location of (4.17)."The point is very close to shore diving. Wreck diving is good, although sometimescrowded at the bottom, "Johannes Suryo, Surabaya.

6. Bali: Nusa Penida, Lembongan (SCORE: 4.02)
Ranked high for the availability of additional travel (3.1) also has the challenge during a dive (3.95). "Many choices of drift diving," said Margaret W. Artanti, Jakarta.

Those are the best 6 of many diving sites in Indonesia.

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