Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Against Gay : Nigeria, Russia, Indonesia, and Western Countries Oppinion

Nigeria recently announced a legislation on banning gays in their country. Being gay is a criminal act and punishable by imprisonment up to 14 years. Although western countries opposed, but they stick with the decision. They do not interfere in the western state law, and they also asked western countries do not interfere with the laws in their country. Sounds fair, does it? what is your opinion?

I personally agree with Nigeria. Freedom sometimes crossing the line. One thing that previously was considered immoral then legalized with a variety of reasons. In this world, there should be a place that could be called "not Sodom n Gomorrah". Nigeria is included in this criterion.

Not long before this case happened, Russia also perform the same action. The penalty for gay activities in the form of fines. Gay was supposed not to be displayed,promoted, or facilitated. U.S. condemned this and insisted that gay has rights, equal with other human rights.

U.S. seems forgot that the rules are made for the convenience of the community. If the interests and comfort of gay community turned out to interfere with the larger,of course, there is one that needs to be prioritized.

Indonesia itself already have too many problems, so the regulations for this kind of thing is not so important. If gay take action beyond others tolerance, people will act on their own without any formal legal process.

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