Sunday, November 6, 2011

Komodo Island, Jurrasic Park in Real World

Some years ago, Steven Spielberg's Jurrasic Park movie hit the world and become box office. Sequels were made and became box office also. In real world, one of of milions years BC legacy still exist. People call it Komodo dragon, biggest lizard in the world, which is live at Komodo Island and few Islands nearby.

Komodo is protected animal, so it's not easy for everybody towatch them close in their habitat. If tourist want to watch them close, the best way is using tour operator service which already simplify the procedur to watch the creature.

A number of accommodations in Maumere, Moni, Ende, Bajawa and Ruteng are really liked by tour operators who agreed that their clients will enjoy staying at clean, well maintained, and friendly hotels and guesthouses.”Clean bathrooms, fans or air conditioners, warm and friendly staff, - that will be enough. Add Wi-fi availability, that would be perfect” said John Hessing, Dutch tour operator who specialized his tour packages for those with hearing disabilities.
“We have been sending guests to Indonesia on a regular basis. The package I prepared attracted much attention. I prepared for my clients to stay 22 days in Flores, and I’m convinced that this tour package is very interesting” said Ruud Jansen, travel consultant for a tour operator in the Netherlands.

Above is one of tour aperator perspective about Komodo tourism. The accomodation not placed at Komodo Island itself, but nearby towns which are more complete and not disturbing Komodo conservation. Bali, Lombok, and other nice tourist destinations are relatively close to this island, so staying for couple of weeks is worthed. Honestly, i myself never visit this island yet couse of my pocket limitation, but for you who have better financial than me, this island worth to visit.

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