Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cembengan and Javanese Sugar Factory Tradition

The term is popular among citizens of Solo (Surakarta) and Yogyakarta, especially those who live in the vicinity of sugar factories. The term Ching Bing has been socialized, they named them with Cembengan, originally from Chinese Ching Bing, but the pronunciation is more conversant with Cembengan among local farmer. Te event held on sugar factories sometime around April - May annually.

Cembengan on people view is not different from night fair, bazaar, or festival, but Cembengan tradition for real purpose is intended to be smooth in running the production of sugar. Typically, the offering to Gods consists of 40 grilled chicken, cow and buffalo heads, and other foods. The offerings Cembengan was surrounded by the marchers to chant prayers.

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