Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Modern Javanese Wedding Ceremony

I'm Javanese, and I'm married man. If you want to know about modern javanese wedding ceremony, this is my story.

Not me, got this pic from : team2art.files.wordpress
The ceremony held at bride house. I had to wear traditional cloth that not suit my size. Lil bit bigger, but still Ok since i'm good looking, LOL. I was walking slowly with my family, bringing some stuff as gift to my fiancee family. During that event, the MC talk and talk and talk using old javanese language that i don't really understand what he talk about.

After that, i had to break an egg using my feet symbolize of ... i don't understand either. Then i sat on the aisle, listening the MC talking weird language, while i wipe sweat upon my face frequently.

The last, we took pictures with guess and family. The end.

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