Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maria Ozawa Wear Kebaya. Just Unusual.

Kebaya is traditional dress which suppose to present local women character in their beauty and dignity. Women wearing kebaya is like Clark kent wearing Superman suit. The image is changing. Modern kebaya which have good design and material can change image of a woman. For you who have penis under your pants (oh,..gay make this metaphore weaker..), you have to know this girl. Miyabi aka Maria Ozawa. The most fenomenal living creature from Japan which have good reputation on making boys' arm strongger.

When she went to Indonesia to make a movie (unfortunately not a porn movie^_^), people here have made this girl posed using kebaya. The result is not bad. Look at the kebaya, guys... put your dirty xray mind off. You can find what inside the kebaya anywhere else with ease.

She is beautiful, indeed.

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