Saturday, July 28, 2007

Terrorism, the next chapter

Terrorism in whatever explanation, made us suffer. Terrorrism is caused by hatred which mobilize as an organization. If terror done only by 1 or 2 person without organization, we simply call it criminalism. Hatred not growing from nothing. It come to the hearth and growing because some reason. Just guest what. Sometime we must wisely see from the top, investigating in general.

Indonesia is one of many country which have suffered because of terrorism. Life, economy, politic, and many other else have got it influece. Blaming is not making anything better. Indonesian goverment already made an act. Terrorist are behind bars now, waiting death penalty. Is it satisfied enough? Probably not.

Terrorism in this decade coming from 1 source, conflict between middle east vs USA. Middle east coutries don't have much political power which can be used to make a global influence. But USA does. I think it all depend on USA. Seeing from middle east people perspective, there's nothing to be hold by people which pressed & suffered by condition, only religion they have left. Blaming their religion isn't wise i think. It isn't about religion, its about condition that made them act illogically.

Bali is still suffered because of terrorism. Hope this year, that paradise will shine brighter than previous. So sad looking such a beautiful land ignored cause of little unresponsible full hatred people.

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