Friday, July 27, 2007

Smoker Heaven

Are you smoker? If yes, visiting Indonesia just like visiting heaven. Not so many country in the world allow marlboro to be sold for only $1.00/pack

Indonesian cigarrettes factory spread everywhere, mainly at east java. Smoking like a ritual. It's already become a culture. Here, you can even buy cigarrettes stick by stick. 1 pack is not a must.

Marlboro, Gudang Garam, Djarum, Amild, and Dji Sam Soe are most famous cigarrettes here. After Philip Morris buy all Sampoerna's stock, Sampoerna (dji sam soe and Amild) become most profitable indonesian cigarrettes company. From 3th, Sampoerna become no 1, beat Gudang Garam.

Few weeks ago, Marlboro's new product already available at the market. With Mix 9 clove cigarrettes, Marlboro trying to beat Gudang Garam and Djarum. Wanna see this new Marlboro? Here it is :

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