Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Love Indonesia

When i decided to make a blog, i wanna inform my reader all about indonesia. This blog is not only about tourism cause many people come to indonesia and they visit indonesia with their own purpose, not only for vacation. I think getting information about people and the culture are important so visitors aware what should and what shouln't do. It will make everything easier for both of us, visitor and host.

Most indonesian are moslem, and unfortunetely, some foreigners think that moslem are dangerous. Its not like that. Living in peace country full of plurality, indonesian have learn how to respect another. Without tolerancy capability from its citizen, this country will ended like serbia-bosnia or maybe worse.

Prophet Mohammad said that moslem must respect their guest whatever they are. Moslem must protect guest's property just like protect their own. Thats the basic.

Sometime, i feel that i'm too excited on promoting Indonesia. I just don't know. I'm poor, just like another indonesian. I'm suffer because of economic pressure. But all of that not make my love for my country fading away. Having $1, i can eat 3 times a day. If i don't, seem that any plant can be eat. No extreem temperature so i don't need expensive jacket. Thin t-shirt will be enough. I don't need to be rich to make me happy. Standar $100 a month already a pleasure. I'm proud being an indonesian. I have no reason not to promoting my country intensively. Thats what i feel.Do you feel the same for your country?

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