Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Independence day games

At August 17, We celebrate our indepenence day. Many event will be held before that day and few more after. These are list of unique event that only held at independence day.

1. Balap Karung
Balap karung means race using sack. This event is the most popular. When you put your foot inside sack, you will have difficullties while running, probably you fall a couple times along race track. This make the race exciting.

2. Sarong soccer
Not like regular soccer, at sarong soccer, the player must using sarong. This limitation used to limit shooting power so there no need large place to held this game.

3. Panjat pinang/ areca nut tree climb
If you see areca nut tree full of oil and prize climbed by many people, you already seen Panjat pinang. The price hanging at top of the tree.

4. Sepeda lambat (Bicycle race)
Your feet cannot touch the ground, and your bicycle must touch the finish line. The winner not the first, but the last one. The slowest one is the winner.

5. Coin colecting

6. Eat kerupuk

7. Insert spike/nail to bottle

8. Water bag blow

9. Running with marble
A marble put on spoon and the contestant must run till finish line without dropping the marble

10. Sandal race

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