Monday, July 30, 2007

Pura Ulu Danau, Bali

Pura Ulu Danau was built in the 17th century on highland Lake Bratan. This gemlike temple is half on the mainland, half on a tiny island. The complex is dedicated to Vishnu, the preserver, in his guise as Dewi Danu, who protects all living creatures. Small and charming, it comments on the spirit of place without leaving a big footprint. A peaceful, shimmering vision.

The serenity which pervades in the cold, misty lake of Bratan belies the violent temperament of the Batur volcano where it sits. In 1917, a strong eruption devastated the village of Batur but the lava miraculously stopped at the foot at the temple. The next eruption in 1926 was not so kind and buried the entire temple except the highest shrine. Soon after, the surviving shrines were taken to higher ground and rebuilt in its present location.

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