Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jenglot, Tiny Living Mummy

If you visit indonesia, you probably want to explore furter information about this. Have you heard about Jenglot? Jenglot named to tiny mummies which only have not more than 12 inch tall. Having sharp teeth, long hair, and human-like body, Jenglot look like wheird human miniature or creepy doll.

Jenglot phenomena already investigated scientifically to prove it's exixtance as a living creature, but the result still become controvertion. Mummy, however, is dead already, but Jenglot has it's own uniqueness. It has long hair and long nails that still grow slowly. Jenglot's hair is longer that its body.

dr Budi Sampurna DSF, Dr Surya Djaja, phd, and another expert have made some test to prove it's phenomena but not succesfully made unified decission about the result. From DNA test, Jenglot like any other primate, but phisically, it has no bones. This evidence cannot prove Jenglot is live even they don't denied that this creature probably ever live thousand years ago.

Jenglot are rare. Only few people have it and they don't (or rarely) sell it. If it available to be sold, the price is extreemely high. I ever heard the lowest price ever sold was $150,000.00. That price not only caused by its rareness, but caused by its magical power too. Magic? Are you believe it? Probably not. If i have it, i have because of its rareness, not because of its magic. I dont believe in magic anyway.

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