Sunday, July 29, 2007

Antique Stuff and Unique Stuff Hunter

Visit Indonesia can be very exiting if you have spesific purpose, for instance, as an antique stuff hunter. In Indonesia, antique stuff is not so valuable. My grandma have very antique lamp, but it only stored at warehouse. If it restored carefully, it can be lot of money. Antique radio or antique telephone spread waiting to be found by people who recognize it's value.

In indonesia, people who sell antique stuff are many and most of them haven't permanent shop. At Yogyakarta (well known as Jogja) there's a 'klithikan' where these seller show and sell their stuff. Klithikan is named to some sidewalk area where people sell their old stuff. At klitikan you can buy antique lamp, old motorcycle accessory, many used stuff, tv remote (the tv tipe propably extinct cause of age), and many other stuff which impossible to found at regular store.

Klithikan also known as sarthir or pasar senthir ( Market which used wax, candle, or cerosine lamp). So, if you don't want to be cheated by the seller, bring your own lamp, the bright one.

At Yogyakarta you can find these stuff at modern shop too. Just visit mirota batik at Ahmad Yani street. A big antique store face to face with Beringharjo Traditional Market. No need to bargain. They sell at fixed price.

How if you need some stuff and don't have time to come here? Just send your message here [promotion mode : ON ^_^], i'll contact you and find what you need.

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