Thursday, November 4, 2010

Earthquake Resistant Knock Down House

Ever see table knock-down ?Wardrobe?  Chairs?  Must have been. Maybe you're using it right now.
How about knock down house?

If not, in North Sulawesi you can find it. Precisely at the Village Woloan, Tomohon. Houses For example lined along the street of this village. In various sizes and designs. Just choose according to their desires, needs and purchasing power.

This village is famous as a center craftsman knock-down house. Base material used is wood options such as iron wood and wood chrysolite. Basic design of the traditional house of Minahasa in the form of houses on stilts. When work on a house size and design are about 1 month starting from raw materials to stand.

Unloading system-pairs makes this house could be sent anywhere with relative ease. Stay dismantle, pack and send. Arriving at the destination residence of packaging disassembled and rearranged.

Certainly, not just anyone can disassemble and assemble again. In addition to being sent home, usually experts unloading too-pair sent from this Woloan Village.

According to one of the craftsmen there, the distribution of wooden houses has been covering the various provinces in Indonesia, even abroad.

Great huh?  Not only that. One thing that is important and a mainstay of the village of wooden houses Woloan is ... EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT!

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