Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 Fruits Native to Indonesia

1. Durian.

Many who do not know if the fruit of prickly, dubbed King of Fruit is from Indonesia. Yup, typical durian with stinging scent is found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Delicacy of taste, making other countries vying to grow it. Now, there are hundreds of durian variants scattered throughout the world, including in Thailand which successfully developed the 300 variant of durian. Wow!

2. Mangosteen.

The fruit that was originally discovered in Borneo and the Sunda region is sour-sweet taste very fresh. That said, it is to make Queen Victoria of Britain's crazy. In addition, this purple fruit also contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are good for our bodies.

3. Kedondong

this thorny fruit with seed originating from eastern Indonesia. Internationally, the fruit with flavor masamnya awesomeness called by the name of Ambarella. In the early 20th century, kedondong introduced to foreign countries ranging from Australia to Jamaica. In fact, kedondong had also grown in Florida, but it seems that American people have not understood about this salad fruit.

4. Jambu air - Water guava

resulting from the Indonesian tropical trees. The flowers are white, while the bell-shaped fruit has a whitish color variation, red and green, depending on its type. Typically, red guava has the sweetest taste. Cashew water known abroad under the name Java Apple. In some countries, cashew made into fruit for a salad.

5. Star Fruit or Carambola

The original comes from the Moluccas. Initially, this fruit is a favorite in Asia, and became known to Americans, especially in Florida. The fruit is called Starfruit because if split, shaped like a star. Westerners refer to as the merger of star fruit taste papaya, oranges, and grapes.

6. Banana

is a fruit native to Indonesia, you know. Fruit is now processed so assorted desserts, like banana split, banana cake, or banana pudding began brought to Europe in the 10th century. Now that Latin America was the one who became the largest producer, because it controls 65% of world banana production. Ckckck .... Ssttt, this fruit is also believed by the celebrities, like Paris Hilton to increase energy, you know.

7. Rambutan

because of his skin like overgrown hair, then the fruit native to Indonesia is known as the rambutan. In 1906, Indonesia had to export rambutan seeds to the United States. But unfortunately, rambutan can not live there. Now some countries, like Thailand and Malaysia famous as an exporter of rambutan that has been packaged in cans.

8. Salak

referred to as Snake Fruit because his skin is scaly. The fruit is native from Indonesia, even one of the variants, salak Condet, the identity of the city. There are various kinds of taste salak, ranging from the sweet, Sepat, acid, or a combination of the four. Unfortunately, many thought the fruit came from Thailand or Malaysia, not Indonesia.

9. Duku

small round-shaped yellowish fruit is one of the original Indonesian pride. The tree was used as the identity of the flora of South Sumatra province. Usually, duku harvested once a year. In the domestic and Asia duku great demand, but unfortunately its exports have not penetrated the American and European markets

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