Saturday, August 4, 2007

My first flash widget

I start loving flash. This is my first flash that work ok, another was terrible..^_^. I simply used as comment creator. When i visit friend's blog, i want them visit mine too. So its a simple way to automatically convert some text i want to be link. One link is enough i think, so its not to be spam tool.

Just create your own comment (top textbox), text to be link(bellow it), and just copy and paste the result (bottom most) on your comment target..., each text automatically converted

If you like, just copy this script to your blog widged (at input html/javascript).

<object data=""
width="155" height="300"
<param value=""

if you curious how to create code above within post, look at the sidebar. I put the widget there, or you prefer code to use it at your blog. If so, just click HERE

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