Friday, April 17, 2020

Write that i think important about indonesia

It's been long hibernation. WFH made me able to write again. So here i start again making documentation of indonesia in words, or maybe pics. 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Chinese phone accessories are so cheap that you don't hesitate to buy and throw away

Yes. Not kidding. Sometimes i bought just because it's too cheap that i thought i would need them someday so i bought em. I put them carelessly and it's gone then i buy em again with same reason. Crazy wasting small money but repeat again and again. 

No rain for months, central java dry and dusty

For years, at least once a month there were heavy rain at central java on dry season. Nowadays it's no more. Dust everywhere flying around at noon. It's so uncomfort that some people need mask to cover their nose during outdoor activity.

Seem that not only polar region and India that got impacted by climate change. Here also effected. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

High domestic airplane tariff problem

The cost to fly in Indonesia increase almost double this year. It's says that the problem caused by duopoly of 2 companies that operate domestic route. Government intervention not help but gave those 2 legitimacy on doing their cartel pricing. Public force government to make open competition, to allow foreign operators to come and compensate to make fair competition and price. 

Doctor hijab syari not want touch her patients

It's been viral recently that a doctor at jakarta does not want to touch her patients due to her belief. Later the hospital where this doctor work explain that the news incorrect. 
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